YAZICI Co. Ltd. offers customers a global capability to ensure the continuous support in technical and commercial aspects.
Our growth stems from our ability to respond to local conditions and needs.
We have qualified, large experienced and trained technical staff who are fully capable to support and maintain the units and systems which have been sold.
Our policy is to understand the real-life requirements of our customers and satisfy those needs with reliable, solutions based on high technology.
Our mission is also to provide the customer satisfaction in the first priority and create a clear, simple customer-centered vision.
We do more than provide products; we become a part of the communities in which we operate.
We are fully committed to maintaining its leadership position regarding telecommunication systems and after sales service.


Following customerís plans and procurement programs and obtaining all related technical and commercial information in advance to strengthen the companyís position in our local market.
Providing accurate forecasting and overview of market conditions (includes next budget plans, activities of the competitors, timing of procurements, etc...) in advance and providing these inputs to the companies we represent.
Supporting representing companies with also commercial rules and legal information, and their applications. Following the topics very closely and showing interest to customerís problems.
Provide excellent technical consultation to the customers, which also consist; after sales service, technical support in warranty period, on-site installation, commissioning and training at site or at factory.
Following ongoing improvements in technology, marketing activities and services are the main objectives of each individual YAZICI Co. Ltd. employee. The commitment to meet our customerís requirements ensures YAZICI Co. Ltdís long lasting success.