The Jotron Group is one of the most respected names in the world in the ATC and Coastal Communications sectors since the founding of Jotron AS in 1967. Serving the world of airspace communication for over 30 years, Jotron now offers a state-of-the-art range of high performance VHF and UHF aeronautical band radios for both civil and military ATC purposes.Designed to surpass today's demanding standards for audio communications, the radios also incorporate the technology required for tomorrow's demands for digital data transmission modes, including full voice over IP functionality. JOTRON's global customers now include civil and military aviation authorities, airport operators, airlines and offshore and onshore Oil and Gas companies.

SITTI is a private company manufactures the most advanced technical solutions for Voi­ce Communication Systems (VCS) and their ancillary Equipment and Services. The many decades of successful presence in the market of Voice Communication Systems (VCS) confirm SITTI as a worldwide primary system supplier and inte­grator for Civil, Military, Public and Private Agencies for both Air Traffic Control (ATC) and Strategic Emergency Services (SES).

Comrod designs and manufactures tactical antennas, marine antennas, antenna systems, tactical support masts, power supplies & battery chargers. The company was first incorporated in Norway in 1948 and France in 1946. Its manufacturing base has developed from fishing rods to today’s advanced communication antennas, antenna systems, support masts, power supplies. Based on its knowledge of fiber composites, Comrod developed a range of antenna products designed for extreme environments. Production of whip antennas for fishing vessels began in 1960 using the knowledge and techniques gained from the manufacture of fishing rods. Since the early 1970s, the focus has been on developing and producing sophisticated antennas for the military, commercial and maritime markets.

ERA a.s., is a leading supplier of next-generation surveillance and flight tracking solutions for the air traffic management, military, security and airport operations markets. With proven multilateration and ADS-B technologies delivering high-performance, high-reliability surveillance solutions, the company has over 100 airport, air traffic management and military customers throughout the U.S., Europe, the Middle East, Africa, South America and Asia.

TELERAD is an SME with 86 employees founded in 1950. Its mission is design, manufacture, commissioning and marketing of radio systems for Air Traffic Control (ATC) and the navy, both in civil and military fields. TELERAD address the global market with 70% of sales generated abroad. The Quality Management System of the company is certified against ISO 9001:2008. YAZICI represents only Navigation Aid Systems as Non Directional Beacons or Directional Finders of this company.

Banten is a special brand in international radio antennas market. We control the product also after the sale. BANTEN can offer you our knowhow: to choose and to install the correct model of antenna to satisfy your customers, a wrong antenna, cable or connector could compromise all work.

With a firm foundation in the design and manufacturing of strategic high frequency radio equipment, Sunair is a competitive provider of HF products and broad communications solutions for leading security organizations around the world. Sunair continuously leverages the advantages of its acclaimed HF product line, engineering capabilities, qualified distributor network, and solid industry partnerships to offer value-driven products and services, including core HF equipment, systems engineering, and integrated logistics support.

Ricochet is Jotron's world-leading synchronised recording and replay system within ATC and marine markets. Ricochet is world-leading in synchronized recording and replay within ATC and marine markets. Ricochet has been used in ATC with great success for more than 15 years and today there are 400 Ricochet systems installed across the world. The product has been designed to meet the specific demands of world-wide ATC environments, and the system is fully compliant with both national and international standards.