has been directly and continuously involved in the field of Representation and Consultancy; collaborate with foreign companies exclusively and as project bases since 1975.
Today, the company is initiating and managing sales and marketing programs, focusing on project and turnkey solutions on behalf of his representing companies.


Our company has excellent expertise on creating the perfect bridge between the cultures throughout the companies. We are acting professionally to be an intermediary between sophisticated technologies that lead the industry and the end users which needs to use that technology with high performance.


We take great pride in our ability to deliver on-time and on-budget solutions that meets customers’ requirements and expectations.


Delivering the best results for our customers means working effectively with other industry leaders. We value and maintain these partnerships so our customers will always enjoy the success that comes with a true team effort.

Customer Base

Civil Governmental Administrations, mainly includes:
State Airports Administration (DHMI)
State Harbors and Airports Construction Administration (DLH)
State Meteorology Service (DMI)
Other Governmental and Private Companies and Civil Aviation Organizations
Turkish Ministry of National Defense
Turkish Army, Navy and Air Forces