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ATC Recording - Complete Solutions

With over ten years experience of supplying audio and radar recording solutions to the worlds leading ANS providers and prime contractors AudioSoft have a proven record of supply within the ATC world. With a software architecture that supports scalability and flexible configuration Audiosoft is able to meet a wide variety of operational requirements from simple ground to air communication through to complete incident reconstruction including audio, radar, ATC operators screen and aural environment. Recorders are based upon COTS equipment providing low cost of ownership combined with ease of maintenance and support. Team of highly experienced Project Managers are completely familiar with the requirements of delivering CAP670 and ICAO compliant* recording and replay systems. Whatever the size or complexity of your ATC recording and replay requirement AudioSoft has the solution.

AudioSoft Limited, one of the leading software systems integration companies for speech and telephony applications in the UK, is at the forefront of the development of digital voice and data recording technology. Markets include Air Traffic Control, Commerce, Law Enforcement, Defence, and Public Authorities.

AudioPC - The Product

Building on fifteen years of digital recording experience, AudioPC is the next generation recording platform for media of all types. AudioPC’s features include client/server configuration, support for a range of codecs, archiving to removable media or external RAID, centralised archiving to SAN/NAS, sophisticated health monitoring and reporting, secure access rights, external time synchronisation, diagnostics, export to standard media formats, a documented API for customer integration and web based replay.

By using Service Orientated Architecture (SOA) all AudioSoft recorders can be remotely configured, controlled, monitored and administered from a single, easy-to-use web interface, AudioPC Navigator. All recorders are based upon PC equipment with options including hot swap redundant PSU’s, large hard disks and redundant solutions with no single point of failure. For harsh environments, AudioSoft have an environmentally qualified platform. Whatever your recording requirement, AudioPC can be configured to provide a resilient, high quality solution with recordings traceable to evidential standards.


Next Generation Recording

Building on fifteen years of digital recording experience, AudioPC is the next generation recording platform for media of all types. You can now meet all your recording requirements in a single recorder at a single centralised location, or at distributed locations, safe in the knowledge that all the data is legally admissible. You can administer, monitor, manage and control AudioSoft recorders at many different locations from a single easy to use but secure web browser interface. No more requirements for complex configurations, installations and maintenance, resulting in significant manpower savings and lower life cycle costs.

With secure and controlled access combined with extensive audit trail reports you can be assured of your data’s integrity. With a flexible and modular structure you can also meet growing capacity and legislative requirements which when combined with the use of the latest SOA and XML software technology ensures investment protection.

Our unique AudioPC Player has been designed in response to requests from analysts to make search and replay simple and easy. The graphically displayed data can be replayed synchronised together to reproduce an incident/scenario. The re-constructed incident/scenario can then be saved, instantly recalled, and burnt to a CD/DVD. Alternatively the data be merged with the recorded audio and exported into industry standard formats for replay in a standard Windows media player. No more time consuming problems associated with data location, synchronisation between data types or the need to re-record data for subsequent investigation.


  • Improved Reliability – File integrity checks, maintenance scheduling and full support for unmanned operation.
  • Improved Capability – Web based interface for ease of use, replay in standard media players and remote operation.
  • Improved Supportability – Reduced setup and installation.
  • Improved Future – Patented data classification technology with seamless link to our best in class data mining application, Medirva.
  • Reduced Cost – Contact AudioSoft to understand the real cost savings.


Audio: AudioPC supports recording of audio data from a wide variety of different analogue interfaces at both conventional audio bandwidths of 3.4KHz and wide bandwidths of up to 37.5KHz. The solution offers support for both analogue and digital telephony inputs including ISDN E1/T1, digital PBX extensions (with D channel decoding) and analogue lines with CLI/DTMF decoding.

Screen Capture: AudioPC records operator’s screens by passively splitting the RGB or DVI video signal to the display. Data storage is minimised through the use of high quality codecs which provide compression ratios of up to 250:1 with no discernable degradation in quality. The recording of the screen is system independent and guarantees a faithful record of screen activity which can then be replayed synchronised with audio on a desktop PC.

Internet Protocol (IP): AudioPC can be used to record all standards-based IP and Voice-over-IP (VoIP) communications within a network and automatically log all call-related information. AudioPC is designed to ensure that no additional load is placed upon the IP network and can record multiple sites and VLAN’s and be scaled to support thousands of concurrent recordings.

Networks (e-mail and data): AudioPC records network data and its associated meta data by matching criteria such as IP addresses or port numbers. If the data is in a format such as RTP, the audio content may be played using AudioPC Player. Alternatively data such as e-mail or fax may be decoded and displayed.

Video - CCTV: AudioPC provides high quality lip synchronised digital CCTV recording for both PAL and NTSC in CIF, DCIF and 4CIF resolutions, with selectable frame rates up to 30 frames p/s. Features are motion detection, superimposition of date, time, logo and watermark information, capture to MPEG-4 format and Picture in Picture (PIP) format support with PTZ control.

Replay: AudioSoft’s unique AudioPC Player allows synchronised replay of all data types on a desktop PC. Secondary surveillance radar data can be replayed to either AudioSoft’s desktop replay console application or back into the radar system. CWP and audio data be selectively merged and exported into industry standard formats for replay in any Windows media player. Alternatively single channel audio data can be replayed through the web player within AudioPC Navigator.

Management: AudioPC Navigator uses Service Orientated Architecture (SOA) to allow all AudioSoft recorders to be remotely configured, controlled, monitored and administered from within a single easy-to-use web browser interface.


  • Records - Audio, radar, video, Controller Workstation Positions, IP and networks
  • Service Oriented Architecture - Web based interface, open industry format
  • Evidentially proven - Legally admissible
  • Integration - Fully Documented Application Programmers Interface
  • Incident CD/DVD - Replay a complete incident in a standard DVD player
  • Ease of use - Tailored graphical interface

Customers include HM Government, The Bank of England, Royal Air Force, Royal Navy, Royal Canadian Navy, Royal Dutch Navy, Local Government, Public Authorities, International Airports and Commercial organizations.


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